Business & Enterprise

Whether you require scheduled work or instant support, we're here for you.
Printer not working? Need a new workstation set up? What about moving your entire office of 70 computers/printers and have a deadline to have it all ready in a short timeframe?

LogicIT have a friendly team of technicians capable of all types of work.
With some of our senior technicians being in the industry for a couple decades, we've seen it all!
Windows Server, Linux, VMWARE and CISCO (ie, leading brand names) are just some of the more common systems that we work with on a daily basis.

What setup do you need? Are you always on the go and need to obtain information from the office without having to kart along half of it with you?
Remotely accessing your information is one of our specialties.

Contract Support Services
Would you like to dial our number like we're an in-house IT Department?
We understand that some months you may need us more than other months - and you may want to stick to a budget with no surprises.

LogicIT have several businesses and organisations on monthly contract support - and in some cases, at discounted rates.

Contact one of our Business IT Consultants today and we will sort out the worries for you.